Fast Evolution Is Not Evolution At All


I’m going to assume that if you’ve come here, I don’t need to explain what flagella are or who  Dr. Michael Behe  is.  If you don’t know, you can check him out on Lee Strobel’s excellent DVD – “The Case For a Creator“.

Just this morning I came across a year old article on a site called “The Scientist“. There was a report about research done at Michigan State University. The report opened with these words:

Bacteria that lack a vital protein for growing flagella—tail-like structures that enable the microbes to swim—can attain flagella in as little as four days given enough pressure to evolve, according to a paper published in Science today (February 26).

Doesn’t developing a flagellum in four days contradict Darwin’s Theory, that of a very long process of “natural selection”?  To me, it would seem that production of such a complex system in such a short time not only suggests an intelligent designer, but one who’s considered many contingencies.