Book Review: Rome Sweet Home

Wow! Talk about a page turner! I couldn’t put this book down.

Rome Sweet Home by Scott and Kimberly Hahn chronicles the couple’s journey from Presbyterianism to Roman Catholicism. Not readily apparent is that though married, the couple did not make this journey together.

Rome Sweet Home is essentially two books in one: Scott’s journey to the Catholic faith followed by Kimberly’s. The thread that binds the two parts together is the story of the deep pain, division and resentment experienced by Kimberly as Scott pulls ever closer and finally into the Catholic Church.

I most enjoyed reading about Scott’s journey to the faith. I cannot imagine a more powerful testimony to Protestants to get them to come to the Catholic Church. The lengths to which Scott goes in order to research the faith is nothing short of staggering. Not days, weeks or months, but years of intense research, every step along the revealing even more that the Catholic Church is the church started by Jesus Christ.

In all honesty, there are points in the book where I kept wishing it were a movie to view the humorous parts. You see, Hahn was vigorously anti-Catholic, but as strong as those convictions were, even stronger was his intellectual honesty and relentless pursuit of truth.

If you can, imagine poor Scott’s horror when at every turn, every connecting of the dots, every new discovery, the case for the Catholic Church becomes stronger and his own anti-Catholic biases take a beating. Funnier still are when in desperation to save himself from his findings he shares his research with various colleagues or contemporaries of his, only to persuade them of the truth of the Catholic Church. This only drives him deeper into despair and makes him more frantic.

If there was one aspect of the book that “annoyed” me it was Kimberly Hahn’s attitude during Scott’s journey of discovery. As Scott drew closer to the Catholic faith, so too did he grow further from Kimberly. By this time in the story, Kimberly had already earned a master’s degree in theology; she was an educated woman.  Yet….she comes off as extremely immature. She clings to anti-Catholic slogans never seeming to care if there was even a shred of validity to them. Her husband is widely acknowledged as a brilliant biblical scholar and wants to share various discoveries with her, but she refuses to even look at them. Time and again her behavior is positively childish.

Fortunately, that hard exterior gives way and the two are reunited in their new faith.






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