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As I mentioned in my last post, now that God has finally broke through my thick skull, (fifty two years is nothing for Him), I am insatiable for knowledge. I happened to do a web search along the lines of “how to become a Catholic apologist”.  There in the results were some YouTube videos with titles like “Habits of the Effective Catholic Apologist” and “Five Mistakes Catholics Make in Apologetics (Don’t Make These)“. Intriguing, to say the least. Clickity, clickity, clickity click…

I learned that the man in the videos is Dr. Taylor Marshall, a former Episcopalian priest who converted to the Catholic faith. Later I discovered that Dr. Taylor was often asked this question: “how can I learn more about my faith?” He lamented that typical routes to higher education include a graduate degree or doctorate degree. In addition to taking years to complete, these options can be extremely costly and not feasible for many laypersons. After giving it some thought, Dr. Marshall’s response to this problem was to launch the New Saint Thomas Institute (NSTI), a low-cost, online source for learning more about the faith, with an eye toward apologetics.  At NSTI, the enrollment unit is calendar months, not courses and once enrolled, students have access to a wealth of materials, primarily (but not only) lectures by Dr. Marshall on a variety of topics.

Students can watch the videos in any order they wish and there’s no need to watch all of them, but for those students desiring a little more structure and to work toward a goal, NSTI offers four certificate programs. They are: Catholic Philosophy and Thomistic Studies, Catholic Theology, Catholic Apologetics and Catholic Church History.

Learn more about NSTI here.

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