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In my last post, The Body of Scientific Knowledge Is Not Static, I admit I let frustration take over. The intended audience of that post was everyone I’ve ever encountered who believes that science is the ultimate proof and arbiter of everything.

I’m taking a different approach from this point forward on this blog. The intended audience is going to be Catholics who are looking to start or step up their apologetics game. Non-Catholic Christians are certainly welcome as well, even encouraged! Certainly when the discussion is atheism vs. Christianity, my writings will be equally appealing to Catholics and Protestants alike.

However, much of my writing will be in defending and promoting the Catholic perspective. By writing to like-minded people instead of directly to atheists and Protestants, I feel the tone will be collegial by necessity. Of course, it almost needs to be this way because you can’t really do apologetics very well via a blog because the immediacy of the interactions just isn’t there.

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