Many years ago, I recall walking through the living room in our home and seeing my wife watching a show on EWTN. I recall thinking to myself “don’t you ever get tired of watching this stuff? It seems like the same old thing over and over.”.  Lest you be curious, yes, that large slice of humble pie was filling indeed.

Ever since I’ve had my “epiphany” moment, I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge of sacred scripture and for everything about our beautiful faith. I remember hearing people speak of the “fullness and richness of the Catholic faith”. I never knew what they meant my such a description, but I sure do now. I cannot get enough:  St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, Ecumenical Counsels, books by Scott Hahn, Taylor Marshall, podcasts like Catholic Answers, in addition to, of course, NSTI.  I feel the need to make up for lost time. I used to work all sorts of hours above and beyond a forty hour work week. I used to watch sports. I used to watch select TV shows… not a lot in quantity, but a few that were high quality. I have several of them continuing to collect on the DVR knowing I’ll never watch them. I listen to the audio versions of the NSTI curriculum during my hour-long commute each morning. I walk to St. Aloysius Catholic Church during lunch most days of the week to attend daily Mass. Just today (Friday) I was unable to attend because I had several meetings in the afternoon and really needed that time to prepare. I definitely felt sadness over missing the Mass today.

Most of all, I feel a deep sense of calm and comfort as I talk I converse with Jesus and Our Lady throughout my day. I know that if I keep close to them, I’ve nothing to fear and no need to worry.

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